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Strong Emotions You Can Expect To Deal With When Recovering From An Addiction

Emotions are made chemically by the brains to help you survive. Full absorption of any emotion by your body will take it a few seconds. The reason, why strong emotions last longer, is because they are kept alive with you thoughts. You will feel like you are running for your life when you are recovering from an addiction. To be kept alive, your brain will start flooding your body with a range of chemicals. Not being able to work through your emotions can be debilitating even though emotions are useful. Being in early recovery from an addiction exposes you to feeling some intense emotions.

The intense emotions that you will be expected to have and how you can deal them are outlined in this article. One of the emotions is feelings of bliss. Getting food when you were hungry is the same feeling of entering into recovery from addiction. You will be starving yourself physically and emotionally when you are active addiction. The chances are that you lived in isolation because you were not getting the needed nourishment from family members and friends.

The friends you had were probably in active addiction too, so they were not able to give you emotional fulfilment. Starting to enter into recovery will make your entire emotional being, mind and body to light up and you will feel complete with the world. After making it through the first weeks of recovery, you will start having strong feelings of bliss. The second strong emotion that you will be expected to feel is guilt.

Reliving mistakes, having a sense of heaviness in your body and strong emotions of self-hate are some of how guilt could be manifesting in your life. You should accept the guilt feelings; this is the first thing that you should do if you have guilt. You can also deal with feelings of guilt by starting an emotional journal. Your emotional journal can be filled with the emotion that you are feeling, the thoughts that come to your mind and the time when you feel those emotions. You only need a piece of paper and pen to write an emotional journal; hence it is the most effective and easiest tools like pink cloud.

You will have feelings of shame; this is another intense emotion that you will be expected to have as you recover from addiction. Although guilt and shame may be related, they are completely different emotions. Feelings of guilt occur because of disagreeing with what you did. You will have feelings of shame if you disagree with who you are as an individual. When recovering from addiction, you will look at yourself and see how your actions are affecting your life. Clarity and honesty will be needed for you to recover and move on.